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This page is about Terri!

Hi everyone!
This is a picture of me at the reunion with Brian Potter

Check back soon, there may be more photos someday!!!!!

Here is a link to my nurse consulting page:

West Coast Nurse Consultants

Not so important information
bulletAs you may have guessed, I graduated from Palmdale High School Class of 1977
bulletI live in the desert (but for some strange reason I like it. Maybe too much sun????)
bulletI have 3 children - Deana 21, Brian 18, and Jeremy 15                                               
bulletDeana turned 21 in November and recently got married.                                                    
bullet Brian turned 18 in January and joined the Air Force.  They are going to let him play with ammo and bombs.  LOOK OUT WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
bullet Jeremy in now in High School at Lancaster High (where Stacy Love is an Administrator) and is driving.  LOOK OUT WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bulletI can play a pretty good game of 8-ball
bulletEven though I live in the desert, I am a scuba diver.
bulletI am currently a Nurse Case Manager with a workers comp company.  
bulletI am a CCRN (Critical Care RN)
bulletI am ACLS certified
bulletI am a Basic Life Support Instructor (CPR)
bulletI was a Quarterly Excellence Award winner at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, CA

If you are done reading this vast amount of information:

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